Aug 6-19,

SCHLICHTEN UND ORDNEN, Teil 1 (Adjusting/Piling and Organising, part 1) a comic-research on the problem of being structured and organised. Written and drawn in "Hotel Pupik"/Schrattenberg, where I was artist in residence (presentation Aug 21/22). See also HOTEL PUPIK


-> HERE you can download my new PORTFOLIO (german version only), where some of the latest works are shown.

Cover of Portfolio (Drawing: Edda Strobl, Typography: Helmut Kaplan)

PLUS: see the TONTO-COMICS webpage, we were quite active in 2009...


Aug/Sep, Nov

WOMEN DON'T SWEAT, WOMEN GLOW book with 19 drawings and collages; DinA5; shown in SHAM_A, Neue Galerie, Graz, in November.


Comic-Shortstory GELD (Money) for Tonto-Comics #11: Die Unsichtbare Attrappe - The Invisible Dummy.
Tonto-Comics Nr.10: Silkscreen-Book THE WHITE LAND (Pakito Bolino, Michael Jordan, Helmut Kaplan), a Tonto / Le Dernier Cri Coproduction, Marseilles.
For both publications see the main page on the TONTO-COMIC website, scroll down.

FFRIEDE EL DEAD elffriede and Edda "Dead" Strobl paint three pictures for the exhibition Orientierungen, (DIWAN/Regionale08): Schwarze Tränen (Black Tears), Zahnschmerzen (Toothake), Traum vom Pascha-Dasein (Dream of Being a Pasha); ink on canvas; 220x180 cm each.

elffriede at work.



TIME COMES WITHOUT ASKING, Package with a Leporello-Book (open 8m, closed ca. 35x21cm) about a journey to Mexico, and a MC (music, using found footage and sound-scape material from the same journey, by Karin Heide / Michi Pölzl / Edda Strobl; a text about narration by Kerstin Braun); Presentation: FOND, Mühlgasse 11, Graz.


CAT SKIN - MACHINE, enviromental installation, in: Schleuse, FOND, Mühlgasse 11, Graz.


FLYER, POLAROID-STUDIO in the FONDsamstagabendSCHAU (FONDsaturdayeveningSHOW), FOND-house, Mùhlgasse 11, Graz.

WOW - DOG FOOD, (No need to walk the dog again), product-design and lottery, in: Supermarkt - Wa(h)re Kunst (Artophobia), Werkhof, Graz.


FAD, Drawings 1996-98, reflecting on international printmedia; Drawings on transparent paper, à 29x21cm; shown at Neue Galerie Studio, Graz.

LOOPS 1998, Live Video Mix in: 4 Days 4 Free Electric, Thalia, Opernring, Graz.

TRICKY, Fluorescent wallpainting, (ca. 2x3m) realised in: Tu Felix Austria III, Galerie Christine König & Franziska Lettner, Vienna.

EVERYBODY IS A STAR, Video Installation, (Kramer, Haas, Little, Schmidt, Schreiber, Strobl), realised for: Sturm.Echo, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

LOOPS 1998, Live Video Mix, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

FERNSEHHAUBE (TV-HOOD), Product-design, following the instructions in a Thai handicraft-magazine, Weihnachtswunderland 120PS (Grünling, Strobl, Wolf), Griesgasse, Graz.

WHAT THEY DO, Foto Documentation of anonymous excessive labor on posters in public space; published in: n.paradoxa #3, London, 1998; as part of the project: Kunst und globale Medien, steirischer herbst 98, Graz.


LOOPS 1998-99, Live Video Mix in: Diagonale/elektronisches/Forum, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

LOOPS 1998-99, Live Video Mix, Flex, Vienna.

FANCY SIMULATION; CONDITION 10/99; EQUIPMENT (Edda Strobl, Helmut Kaplan), Video Installation, Modehaus Adonis, Schmiedgasse, Graz.

TIGER, 3-D Character Animation; shown in: 3. Medien-Biennale: Kunst und Spiel, Munich, Germany.

KIDS DIVISION, Fluorescent paintings, in: Tell me more, Pavel-Haus, Laafeld, Austria.

Visual Communication for: Giving The Self a Home, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

KRONENZEITUNG COVER, JUNI 1999, Drawings on transparent paper, à 29x21cm;
DIARY, Comic-Book, 32 pages, 21x15 cm, b&w;
both shown in: Förderungspreis des Landes Steiermark für zeitgenössische Kunst, Neue Galerie, Graz.


LOOPS 2000, Video installation (Heide, Kaplan, Oblak, Strobl), in: Diagonale, Thalia, Graz.

HAWAII, Comic-Book and Videoloop (a project on mass-media and comics realised with high-school students in 1999); shown in: One Single Moment, < rotor >, Graz.

WHAT THEY DO (1997-1999), Foto Documentation of anonymous excessive labor on posters in public space; shown in: bloody_body_value_nobody, Galerija Marino Cettina, Umag, Croatia, and in: Widerstand, Rhizom, Aarhus, Denmark.

CHICAGO (2000-2002), Drawings and Comics.


TONTO-COMICS, first publication: GENOSSEN, 16 pages, 26x17cm, b&w, Art by Kaplan and Strobl.

DEN ACKER LOCKERN FÜR DAS BESTE KORN IST ALLES (Edda Strobl, Helmut Kaplan), Postcard for the G.R.A.M.-project Liebe Grüsse aus Graz.


TONTO - THE WORKS, in: KOLLEKTIVE, < rotor >, Graz.

LOOPS 1998-2000, Live video mix for PROLOG (a project by Christian Loidl und Bernhard Lang), Konzerthaus, Vienna.

Videoloops for the Diagonale-Bar, Dom im Berg, Graz.

IN THR MEANTIME I THINK..., Drawings and animation, in: Drawing in Motion - Drawing on My Mind, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK, Photos, text in: Line up, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Austria.

LOOPS 1998-2002Live video mix with LALELOO (Bernhard Lang, Robert Lepenik); concert at Echoraum, Vienna.

Co-Organisator of TONTO - BANDS IN THE BOX I, II and III, (concert-video-installation) Celery's, Graz.

50 FLYER 1994-2002, in: Graz_intern, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

Video installation for Kaplan / Lepenik (concert), Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

FUTURE VOICE, Pilot edition (test arrangement) of a wall-magazine, which was to be realized 2003 in REAL*UTOPIA (a project by < rotor >); Pilot edition shown in: Flat Public (Kunst auf Zeit, a project of Gruppe 77), public space, Graz.


LOOPS 1998-2002, Live video mix for Dorit Chrysler + tonto, concert at Mediathek, Graz.

LOOPS 1998-2002, Live video mix for Urna + Band, "Kommunistisches Sommerfest", Lagergasse, Graz.

LOOPS 1998-2002, Live video mix with LALELOO, for Neue Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, Austria.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION for Enactments of the Self, steirischer herbst.

LOOPS 1998-2002, Live video mix for Kaplan / Lepenik; project: Microsounds, Seifenfabrik, Graz.



LOOPS 1998-2003, Diagonale Nightline, Postgarage, Graz.

LOOPS 1998-2003, Live video mix with LALELOO, in ALT+F4, Festival of Experimental Electronic Music, Warsaw, Poland.

PARALIZA, Comic, published in M, TONTO-COMICS #4 (32 pages, color, b&w, 26x 17 cm; Art by Norbert Gmeindl, Clemens Stecher, Michael Jordan, Bernhard Raschl, Edda Strobl); Presentation at Neue Galerie, within the project Masomania, Graz.

PUBLIC VOICE, Wall magazine; a project realized for Real*Utopia, < rotor >, public space, Graz.

TONTO-COMICS in Cheap, Fast and Out of Control, MQ21, Vienna.

COMICFESTIVAL GRAZ (Conception/Organisation: Kaplan/Strobl/Wolkinger), Forum Stadtpark Graz.

TONTO-COMICS at GRRR! Comicfestival, Pancevo, Serbia.

DAY/NIGHT, Drawings->Computerprints, à 120x84 cm; shown in: Wo alles wahr ist auch das Gegenteil, Exibition: Kunstpreis der Diözese Graz-Seckau für zeitgenössische bildende Kunst, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz.

TREASURES OF INFORMATION, (extended version of Day/Night) 4 pages, page à 23x17 cm; published in: files (2004), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain.

A STROBLAK Live-Videomix, within a Tonto-Appereance at: REM (Rapid Ear Movement - Reihe elektronischer Musik), Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen, Germany.

LOOPS 1998-2003, Live Videomix with LALELOO, New Music Marathon 2003, Prague, Czech Republic.


Comic Workshop at Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Contemporary Art, Graz.

TIME, Comic, 2 pages, page à DinA5; published in: Kuhina (ed. Aleksandar Zograf, Pancevo, Serbia).

LOOPS 1998-2004, Live video mix with LALELOO, festival 4020, Linz, Austria.

TONTO-COMICS, at Auto, Vienna.

WIE AUS ELLA STELLA WURDE (How Ella became Stella), a Comicstrip in 3 parts for the streetmagazine Megaphon, Graz.

Diverse books at the exhibition of fanzines at LADYFEST, Vienna.

FRÜCHTE DES ZORNS (Fruits of Wrath by John Steinbeck), a one-page-comic-adaption of a world-literature-book; for the publication: 50 Literatur gezeichnet (50 Literature Drawn), Edition Comicforum, Vienna.

Comic Workshop, Kunsthaus Graz.

BARTLEBY, Comic, published in PARABOLICA #1 (tonto-comics #6, 24 pages, b&w, 23,7x16,8 cm; Art by Martin Hofbauer, Helmut Kaplan, Kathi Macheiner, Luis Prinzi, Edda Strobl, Aleksandar Zograf; Karin Buol)

TONTO COMIC FESTIVAL (Conception/Organisation: Kaplan/Strobl/Wolkinger), Forum Stadtpark Graz.

LOOPS 1998-2004 Live Videomix with LALELOO, SCC, Belgrade, Serbia.

LOOPS 1998-2004, Live video mix with LALELOO, Kunsthalle-Projectspace, Vienna.

LOOPS 1998-2004, Live Videomix with LALELOO, Philharmonie, Essen, Germany.

Co-organisator of the project TONTO: DISLOCATED, video-projections (Oblak / Strobl / Zmölnig); Musikprotokoll (steirischer herbst), Postgarage, Graz.

starting with the work on the comic BONGO KLAN


BONGO KLAN in Parabolica #2: Festen, tonto-comics #7; for the project: Herz und Nerven, < rotor > and Schauspielhaus Graz. (Comic shortstory by Edda Strobl: BONGO KLAN - What a Difference a Day Makes).

Fanzine Workshop at Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Contemporary Art, Graz.

EXTOFITA - (formerly TOFITA) bandproject. See the website

TONTO-COMICS at GRRR! Comicfestival, Pancevo, Serbia.

STORMY - TOPOGRAFIEN DES JENSEITS (Topographies of the Beyond), Comic-Book. Editors: H. Kaplan and E. Strobl; Publication of drawings and comics, originated from the Tonto Comic Festival 2004; presentations so far: Graz (ausLage), Innsbruck (Galerie im Taxispalais).

Organisation and participation: 24-HOUR-DRAWING, at: Warum alles so gut funktioniert, wo doch nichts funktioniert, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.
Samples out of my drawings, inventing GEISTERKRIEGER


TONTO-COMICS AND GUESTS AT MACHFELD STUDIO - Elffriede, Michael Jordan, Helmut Kaplan, Edda Strobl, Aleksandar Zograf/Gordana Basta: Exhibition. Lecture (Zograf), Presentation Stormy (Strobl), Comic-Reading (Jordan) with live-music (Robert Lepenik); Machfeld Studio, Vienna.

TONTO-COMICS at GRRR! Comicfestival, Pancevo, Serbia.

Participation: DINGS. Out of the collections of Hofer / Kaplan / Petrowitsch / Strobl / Thümmel / Wolf; esc, Graz.
Strobl: Object: PUSS IN BOOTS (foto: H. Gellner) - the cat who could speak = my first ever collected thing (1963). Soundinstallation: 50 GEGENSTÄNDE, description plus the sound of 50 objects out of my collection (CDr).

GEISTERKRIEGER, Comic, (2006). Publication (Part 1 and 2) on demand, handfactured, handcolored cover, 40 pages, black and white, 13x9 cm. Graz 2006. (Two pages in Geisterkrieger are found drawings, one page contains a picture out of a newspaper.)
(on the website you can see 38 out of the 40 pages.)

BONGO KLAN, Comic, (2004/05). Publication (EPISODE 1: AT THE STARS) on demand, handfactured, 24 pages, black and white, 13x9 cm. Graz 2006.
(on the website you can see 11 out of the 24 pages.)

Participation: OPEN_GATES, Steirischer Herbst, Graz.
within open_gates Maru and I found RUED, a duo of noiseguitars.

A JOURNEY TO CHENGDU (China, 13th-28th of November), 128 fotos.


ZUKUNFT IST JETZT (Future is Now), Comic, b/w, 4 pages.

1988, Comic, b/w, 2 pages.

2143 DEAD STROBL, a concert (feat. Gemein, Extofita, ruEd, Robert Lepenik/Renatn Oblak/Edda Strobl), at Sonnatgs Abstrakt, Postgarage Graz.



Actually, I already did the drawings...


CUBA LIBRE was supposed to be a comic about jogging, a cocktail and a country. Written in July 2006, since then sitting in my desk. And as it looks now, it will remain there. Pencils done, some of the ink as well, when I had to realize that the dialogues and even the story suck somehow.
(Anyway, you can have a look at the linked sample, if you want.)