PUBLIC is a wall newspaper in Gries and from Gries. Edda Strobl reached a great number of people for this project.
Young people living in the district or having their living interests here contributed with texts or drawings for
three issues of the wall newspaper. The final magazine is 10 meters long and will be shown in various places of the
It will be interesting to observe how passers-by and readers react on the newspaper, whether there will be further
written comments as a direct reaction on the newspaper, which is still possible.

PUBLIC includes people from various social and cultural contexts in a public art project. The focus lies on
communication. Fates and interests, impressions and experiences mirror the diversity of the local population.
Individuals gain a public voice. This in itself is already a utopia.

Editorial staff: Mirella Kuchling, Eva Kuntschner, Sabine Pueskuel, Barbara Stefflitsch, Edda Strobl.

Participants 1st edition: Activity Projekt Pilot, Attac, Bianca Bachinger, Aminou Banna, Helwig Brunner, Inge Frosch,
Isop, Nurcan Semy Koca,Monika Khalil, Mirella Kuchling, Eva Kuntschner,Siegfried Noest, Werner Obermayer, Bahaneh Ovis,
Ali Oezbas, Simone Sailer, Peter Schröder, Halyna Schweizer, Kornelia Spari, Conrad Stachl, Seref Tabur,
Sandra Bellei-Wolf, Robert Wolf, zoe.

(Fotos and text: Anton Lederer, < rotor >)