FOND was an artistgroup in Graz, who did saturdayevening-shows in their house in the Mühlgasse 11, lateron in other locations.

Below the flyer, starting with Show#3: "Turningpoint 134", #4: "Sirius", #5: "Record", #6: "Sex" #7: "Seven".

(The first works on computer I ever did. Not yet very skilled in Photoshop, a dinosaur-version where you had just one layer and the
option to go back only one step in your actions. Working most of the time with a black and white handscanner, doing colors and stuff
on a undescribably slow 2-MB-Ram-computer. - I get somehow sentimental thinking of -)

Show #8: "Psycho".
Within this evening there was the Polaroid-Studio, where the audience could ask to be photographed.
The first setting was "Nassau, Bahamas".

Show #9: "Gratis", #10: "Women".

Show #12: "69 Experts of Lust"
Again a Polaroid-Studio. This time people out of audience were obliged to let themself be photographed,
in order to collect points in a show-game.
The setting was built following the picture on the flyer.

Show #13: "Jubilee"
The last time a polaroidstudio.
The setting: "Since 5 Years Prisoner of FOND".
And since the contents of the show based on ideas which often emerged while talking about the show,
I guess there are a lot of ideas of other FOND-people in the flyer and all other performances and
actions I have done in the FOND.